A 7 letter word.

Where am I !

An exclamation mark.

Is it the right way, or does the right side lane the correct path. Are we sucking on the air, cause we don’t know how to walk a mile more, to breathe a fresh piece of freshly made air?

Listen, close.

Close your eyes.

Sit under the fan.

Shut up.


A little more.

Stop reading this.

Air. 🙂
Open your eyes. How do you feel? Lovely! Amazing! Dazzling! Great! Wonderful!

You do, cause you made a choice.

Now, what is that’s troubling you?

Your job? Weren’t you the one who signed up for it?

Your school life? It’s a simple rule, rock and roll in the syllabus, don’t act like the topper, don’t compare yourself to the person sitting right next to you.

You only have your responsibility. Rest are extra cheese? 🤓

Okay, now what’s troubling you your wife? Take a…

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