A 7 letter word.

Are you ready? I am.

I am growing up,and there is possibly everything I have.I am grateful. BUT, as I believe if you are grateful then you got to share it with others who aren’t.Its a project. Its a dream. its a desire. Its an honour. It is a sky full of beautiful colours.


Are you ready?  We have already started this.Contribute-Distribute- Tribute.


What is this? It is a movement. It is an approach. It is an initiative. To draw in a change. To draw in criticism. To go against the society. To do what hasnt been done. It is a change.

Ponder upon these questions:

  1. If you wouldnt have invested half of your life in school what would you have done?
  2. Do you believe the kind of education is being imparted is being done in a right manner ?
  3. If you were to list out the different…

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