Secure Faith.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – The leader who had no title, Robin Sharma.

“अगर बुरे लोगो ने अपनी बुराई नहीं छोड़ी , तो अच्छे लोग अपनी अच्छाई नहीं  छोड़ सकते हैं ? ” -Ms. Hema Sharma, English class, 10th grade.

We live in a world which is a work of poetry of danger and passion. Each day the newspaper fills our heart with the amount of pleasure and disgrace that neither you nor I can illustrate in any form.

It’s  been occuring to me since 2 days, and I therefore wanted to culminate the feeling and give it its own path so that it could make  a change, even if a big one.

Every second, there are killings held, each second more people die than the people you and I know about, each moment we pass through millions are scared about their survival, and if I cite examples we would each pass out in this moment. What is of importance is the following thing I want to personally put forward to this approach.

Whether it be war or  misused power or pressure or criticism, it all comes from the sector of negativity, and immense brutality.

What we as society has to concentrate on is to build a force just against it. An army of soldiers who have the most strong weapons with them, the kind of weapon through which any sort of disturbance could be rested in a series of short moments.

An army against the wild beasts, or shall we say against those who forgot their way and are now wondering to find their true self in the forests hunting down people after people?

An army, where the sole purpose is to enlighten each other, to highlight the good things in each other, to make each other an empowered soul, where in noone is doubtful or uncertain, a place where everybody stands for their statement together. If bad people are running this world with their insanity then the good crowd or us ,has to deal it with sanity.

If they like the colour black then we have to like all the other colours, so much so that the presence of  black is far from seen, by any naked eye.

We all have to walk together, we all have to love each other, we all have to love each other till that extent where we find ourselves in the body and soul of the other person. It is simple and thus most powerful.

This is the only safe and absolute path, we need to build an army where you and I will be the ambassadors of it,  with our other mates who shall be intrinsic in the meaning of desire of natural liking of each other.

We have to sit together on our dining tables and on chalk slates write our motives that will help us disease the others will this passion of ours.

We cannot fight in the field which does not belong to us, and this is the only reason the other party or group howsoever is in demand of winning.

If hope is only deal with careful hearts of ours, we shall succeed in each word spoken if of pure desire. 🙂

And with this, I let my hand in your hand after which we together shall build this land we stand on be in love with us, just as itself and the other mates of us.

And this is the only desire I have, even if death stands beside me, I shall love my belief and my goodness till the end of my journey and forward and reppect you till the very end.

Even death cannot part us, I’ll meet you on the other side, where we will build an empire of love 🙂

“I am holding your hand and looking forward, as I step on this  immortal land” – Nishita



18 thoughts on “Secure Faith.

  1. बहुत खूब ! 👍👏 पर यह बात अगर शाहरूख सर या आमिर सर ने लिखी होती, तो हमारे देश के कुछ सो-कॉल्ड देशभक्त लोग अबतक उन्हें देशद्रोही बता चुके होते! और ट्वीटर पर उनके नाम का हैशटैग चल रहा होता!


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