They say and too easily forget about the impact of a negative verdict of theirs. Too easily.

We all are products of our thoughts, our changing minds, our likings and our passions. We are not what the world taught us, but what we let our skin to seep in it. We all live in a society, and we make the society. But, most of the times as it is seen what makes society is the voice of the majority, and that majority is in alot of places not trying to understand the different mechanism of ours, and hence we are categorised as different or ignorant or arguistic in nature. Are we really?

If we do not listen to our gut feeling, we will end up being a birth and a death certificate there will be no in between. Usual?  Verdicts should be prohibited, if science is conditioned to change so should be the mindset of the majority.

What is the root cause of our sufferings? Our inability to change with the changes we pull towards ourselves. Our habit of clinging to an idea of past or future. Or our inability to delve our passion into the moment of now.

There is a power you and I hold, and only those who are aware of it can fully optimize it. How can you eat ice-cream if you do not know if you have one pack of it in your freezer? How can you wish if you do not know that your wishes can be fulfilled? HOw can you buy if you think that you have less money? How can you live if you feel you are dying?


We all lack the optimistic faith one should have.

We are hiding our opportunities from ourselves.

WE forgot the path towards our true selves.  That’s right!

Okay, let me not repeat your knowledge, let me talk to you in straight terms. Do you feel the urge to do better than you are doing right now? Do you believe that you can do something more than what you are right now? Do you feel it is time for you to start afresh? Do you want to achieve all that you wish for when you see your goals achieving it.?


The truth is, we all believe so. And our believing so is the first step that will take us forward and help us climb the stairs to our destiny. Nothing repeats like success.


Following is a questionnaire take a moment and go through it, it is a way we can understand ourselves and our thoughts.

DO not let your thoughts create you, hold the power you have. Let your wings take you higher. Dont be controlled by anybody 🙂

What is your name? Do not tell me, ask yourself !

*My name is Nishita.

How are you feeling?


WHat thoughts are filling up your mind?

*I am gathering my thoughts and writing something I believe in. Thats right.

Tell me something you are thankful about?

*I am very thankful for my family, i had an amazing time today, laughing and laughing and laughing. I am thankful for all the studies I did. I Am grateful for all the food,internet, clothes,money,electricity,oxygen,haemoglobin.

Okay, what do you want?

*I want to score a perfect score in my biology paper. Laugh more before I sleep. Meet crazy and wild people.

Okay, what was the best part of today?

*I believe when I laughed so much that I grew red ❤ and for Taylor merch ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

One person you are thankful for?

*Taylor Swift. Hema Ma’am. Dipti Ma’am. Karlie Kloss. Mom. My Sister.

HOw much do you love yourself?

Beyond infinity.

And how is your family and this world?

*Oh! They are who they are 🙂 Nice and developing.


ANd what about?

I call myself Dr. Nishita. My My MY.

Love and more of it.


Gratitude is the key and so is dedication. -Nishita.

Ask yourself, do not respond, neither serve the pain body. Just follow the lead.
















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