Hair Days.

May it be your luck that your hair fall if they Dont like your head but your mother earth.
Hair fall, or hair damage or hair problems. One root cause.
It will be my pleasure to tell you that it is much more than normal to see your hair in your hands Crossed up than in your head. Is it okay? I ask myself?
Do I need medication?
Tell me who doesn’t think about this. We all do right now or here.
The root cause is our faith not our hair.
I believe that hair should never be tamed, everything else can be disciplined.
We all love our hair but at the same time we hold the vision that our hair are falling.
And so it be.
Ha. Funny. 🙂
Hair are like pets they need love, respect and care.
They are just as naughty and sweet as kids.
She said, oh I believe you are having a bad hair day.
He said, I think your hair are falling.
They said. Let’s take you to a doctor.
I am good and I will keep hiding secrets till my failures Dont see I am bigger than them.i know I know we all seldom see ourselves on our knees in front of our fears.
It is just that you shouldnt.
Grow up. Speak for yourself.  Believe in the beauty not in the myths.
Sooner you’ll see your hair goals, it is lifes way of teaching us.
Good enough?
Listen, look at your hair right now, I know theyll be some straight, and tangled and bad and good.
They’ll be better if you tie them nicely again.
Give love if you expect love.
That is the principal rule and to all the haters or not so optimistic people show them the right way, they needn’t worry for anything like this.
Love and more of it. To all those best hair days.
And do we need to tag everything in our life? Bads and goods are bought on the same store. Grow up, honey!!!

And I heard from somewhere that there is some good shampoo in the city? Should I ?
No Dont. Only use those products which you can believe in. Life is a faith game.
Okay? Okay? Okay! Stop flirting with me. (TFIOS)
And I am Nishita. 🙂


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