Teenage In Dignity

A few steps

In the wrong direction

Then a few steps

With experiences

A few steps

With unknown disagreements

A few steps with self esteem

A few steps

With reality

A few steps

While wanting more

A few steps

Just to sum it up

A few steps

With someone

A few steps


A few steps

While being unnamed

A few steps

With fame

A few steps

In anxiety

A few steps

In pain

A few steps in sorrow

A few steps

In vain

A few steps

In teenage life

Are a few steps

When you make a mistake

It is okay

To Not  be okay

Nobody is perfect

And perfection is just another


Just remember before taking that

Unnecessary step

It might turn sorrow into the worst

Being popular

Is not all glitters

Being skinny

Isn’t good

Being beautiful

Isn’t a surprise

Being a topper

Isn’t another gift

Everyone has to struggle in their teenage dignity

When you are a kid

You are a kid

When you grow up

You are no more kid

You can still be kids

Do not believe in their wrong sayings

Ageing is controllable

Don’t loose your innocence

Don’t loose your essence

Do not love the wrong

Do not hurry things

Live life

For all those who self harm

Life is another dream

Dare to dream

For all those

Who wish they were


Being fat is an upcoming trend

For all those lonely people

Wandering is the best sport

For all those haters

Thankyou without you

We wouldn’t have been remembered so much

For all the critics

We love you

More than you believe

For all the alcoholics and smokers

Love is more powerful than

Those chemical radiations

For all those

Lonely lovers

Come on leave the tangibility

For all those

Who think

The land X

Isn’t good

Let us together remake peace

This book was a salute to your activities and an eye-opener for all the generations to come

Let us together stand up

Let us walk together to our dreams

May we sing together

May we not believe in their ideas

May we be always in love with each other

May words just not be another parallel routes


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