How do you feel?
There are no extra people in the world. Whoever is, is right here.
Now, if I be honest then I have been the happiest in the last 90 days, why ?
Oh, I am breathing slowly, I am living in the infinite. I am an alchemist *I presume*.
Oh that is because I now have a power the power you can see in the darkness, use in the calm state, talk about in a professional way.
Oh , you know when I look at myself in the mirror I keep asking myself is that me cause I bet I have never been this beautiful and amazing.
I believe in magic, I believe in love. 🙂
And wait there is so much happening I have my exams on , my yoga on, my happiness on, my friends and family, you guys, and guess what everything.
You are infinity.
And books on too.
So, listen there is no time and size, physics proves that, quantum physics. So let go of this idea and start now.
I’ll tell you something, go Google up the most amazing pictures of sunsets the most amazing ones and look at them with all your heart.
After this exercise think about this, did you not feel that time stopped?
Didn’t it happen?

Or on this Sunday go out with your family and sit under the open sky for a long time when it will be time to go you would be feeling that you have  entered a forever phase. Cause well there is a depth to it, I will tell you about that later.
Got to be good first.


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