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“Status QuO? ” Yes!

Rethinking Life


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I find it interesting that creative people are often considered to be WEIRD, or useless, by so many people.  As if the their work is  merely a hobby, or even a joke.  Labels portray people in a certain light.  Labels discount creative people and take them out of the mainstream in a “crazy” kind of way.  Creative people laugh and are happy to be counted as part of that group but the dangerous thing is that society uses words like those to control them because they are dangerous to the status quo.  Because creative people can see behind the curtain and show other’s what is hiding there.  The poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, photographers and troubadours are often considered enemies of the state, therefore, they are labeled, or dismissed, in an attempt to keep them in line and to minimize the true power of art.

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