I say but not the truth
I speak but not the most
You hear sincerely
I am not truly.
I have not know the sides of love
Your nicotine knows.
I have never tried to take a leap
To go beneath.
Yes I am a liar.
Or maybe a no-truth teller
I say words like maybe later or maybe never
Cause I haven’t known more than that
But you have been great.
You have been in love, and I have kept away.
My nicotine friend do realise
I am not who you want.
My nicotine friend all you know about me are my words which I modify on chances.
My phonecalls.
My phonecalls
My phonecalls.
Are ugly truths.
And bad retreats.
My phonecalls take me back to where I have never been.

I am  scared of people who have tried understanding me.
I have hated people who have appreciated me.
I have hated people who have given me respect more than I do.
And my nicotine friend you are no exception to this rule.
Yes, I am scared of you.
Yes, I runaway from you.
Yes, I am helpless when it comes to you.
But I Dont want to you, like you might still do.


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