Do, social media offers new forms of interconnectedness and action or have they alienated us from each other?


They sat on a dining table the whole faction-ed family. They were broken pieces in one ocean, changed yet quite the same. While one was uncertain about his marital status, the other showed no concern about her children, and the children had no parents to worry for, as their boyfriends loved them in their face itself. A small little fragrant introvert bloom within the same murky pond, she found herself in love with another virtual life quite real to her existence on this earth.

To all of you who are  reading this, no matter which domain of this biosphere you belong to we all have dwelled into the unconventional area of virtuality, and we all have romanced with it, we all have had troubles with this part of our life, yet we all have dug a better pit into this world for each other.

To each his own, as they say, this world has painted new horizons for each one of us, be it the new best friends you have made over online connections or be it the campaigns you have launched through viral social media.

They say, if its scientific it can never be all just positive, social media has had its dark and evil  side too, it has had that side to it, through which the infamous cyber teenage crimes and cyber- social embarrassments have taken place.

To be sure if your child is normal, just take a look on his tumblr or instagram page, this is a 21st century eye-opener line, or a mirror as you can say.

It is a sea, which has none of its boundaries, it is an odour which if inhaled not rightly is a better nicotine, it is a colour if seen not properly – it is a worst nightmare, it is a truth , if understood not


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