Free luncheons 

I went on a free luncheon, 

And look what I learned! 

I reflect  back on the behavior of  a lady,  who pities the way I live, 

She feels I am worth not much in her treasures, 

I write this with a position of authority,

She convinces me with her flattering words and jeweled lectures , 

All which end in myself playing the victim, 

She  makes us others realize of her supremacy, 

Is she  an evolved homo sapien sapien,  reflecting what we are leading towards,  pity in the name of humanity?

We ate in silence of the words she spoke,  she tends to overlook her mistake,  I wish I grow up to be everything but nothing like her, cause she doesn’t image good at all.  

And we all dispersed.  Look at her parenting though?  

Shouldnt we be allowed to mock at her? 

I fear,  is she naturally selected? 


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