A Circumstantial No

Season 1: I cut relations,
I cut people,
I carve roads, 
and unspoken I walk on the untrodden.

Season 2: I lay on my bed,
and talk on the phone, 
like I almost knew how to deal with it.
Until I cut the phone again.

Season 3: The caller calls, 
and I am not aware of the presence of the phonecall.

Season 4: I am left wondering, 
if my caller remembers me anymore. 

Season 5: I am found in pictures pretty, 
and sick in bedrooms of mine. 
Phonecalls arrive, I am still treated with much above my dealing price. 

Season 6: A circumstance, circumstancing my presence,
a message, questioning my integrity,
an answer still no for many, 
A kiss from myside to the beholder of my beauty.
I realised, I was as bad as I could be, their love 
somehow doesn't diminish for me,
what have I done to gain so much, 
tell me my lover, 
am I going to die lonely?



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