Ready or not? 

Repetitive dialogues

Accusational convos 

Filmstars in their neighbour

Lonely nights,  to sleep for, 

Rich and sick in their beds, 

Happiness where it went? 

Cousins and brothers are dead,

Cause no one knows where they went

No kisses and hugs

No loveletters found

Oh,  where it went

The Childhood they had drowned.

Two sticks to 20.

Summaries repeated. 

Lessons are all preached

No one still agrees with them.

Oh where it went,  the house they had built 

Grafted seeds we are all meant to be, 

Hide our love,  so no one steals, 

Secret is a secret

We are all in deep threat

Depressions knocking,  I keep shut,  keep set. 

Ready or not,  I might be not yours, time might be not ours,  love be ours.  

Ready or not,  here we set from,  whoever sees us, might be tempted, 

Cause we are new,  untouched and young, we are not yet malignant,  to the cancer spreading.

Or if we want to we could be a vector,  I’ll fix us a name.  And we could be mentors. 

Ready or not? 

Ready or not?


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