That ain’t the same.

A 7 letter word.

When I do something,

There ain’t anything,

That doesn’t remind me of you,

When I’m laughing,

Your face just lingers in my mind,

Like it ain’t got anything else to do,

When I’m eating,

Or when I’m speaking,

When I’m yelling,

When I’m standing,

When I am with my mother,

I talk about you, always

And I bet that Friday could have been better,

If I hadn’t asked you something,

If you hadn’t told me

If I hadn’t been an idiot,

And only if you never fell for me,

Cause boy, today,

I wait for your calls,

I wait for you to show up in the library,

I wait for you to reserve a seat forme

I wait for you to come and talk to me,

And there ain’t a thing,

I don’t remember about you,

I wish we could meet one more time,

And this time ,

All we…

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