Driving to a place

​Sitting in a car, I looked at you from the tainted window from afar

Youve gained some weight, I lost my half, 

You are seen  in places, I’ve already returned from, 

Somehow, this distance has made my love strong, 

My weaknesses of your businesses have turned into martyr:s stars, 

I don’t get to see you too much, 

You sleep without my finger touch, 

We haven’t yet said, but publicly have been cited, 

You know I have said my vows, and you said yours in a Friday afternoon mess, 

There are my worries, I do disappear, 

I am not available on social media like the rest, 

My dreams are bigger than my tears, 

I’ve never cried on your shoulder, 

Each time we teamed up-we brought heaven down, 

And I decide to write about you while I am still far away from you, 

I never start the conversation, will never will

I can  recall how you screamed my name, and my ladies reminded me that you were there in your tux and limo, 

I don’t dream of money and trashed hotel rooms, pearls on my neck, or Victoria secret on my body, 

I dream of completing a love I have thought of and asked for, 

I can’t stand screams or silence that pierces, 

I have seen the pain of unsuccessful marriages, 

I cannot be knotted into one such, 

I know how to cook, and you can make me laugh, 

I like it how you talk family with me, I keep mine a successful secret. 

I have dispersed into the love of you. 

On some days I reread every text I sent and received

You read these poems and say your gratitude. 

I hope to see you in a wedding dress someday.


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