Spirituality (no-format)

So, I danced listening to these records on grass-sheets and bare roads. Oh, it’s lovely how I’ve grown old listening to these masterpieces of art.
I am Nishita. (I still sign as Dr. Nishita).
And I love modifying, transforming and developing my life. You can ask the walls of my room , I recently did them again. They look better to me, now.When things can be magical, why must we not try .
I write this post to express my gratitude to these amazing artists who’ve made my life a very better one. As said before, to become better we must take action, responsibilty and more importantly credibility of our moves. So, here am I to tell you (my active beloved reader) some moves that helped me become better.

Stay if you like, stay if you don’t. I’ll hang this post high, so it can guide you when we’re gone. (being lyrical again, NISHITA?)

Firstly putting a list of songs I’ve loved listening to this past month:

Astrid S: Jump, Paperthin, 2AM, Hurts So Good, Breathe
Phoebe Ryan: Dark Side
Gorgon City: Elevate, Try me Out
Annne Marie : Boy, Do it Right, Peak
Julia Michaels : Issues
Tori Kelly : Dear No One, Should’ve Been Us
Noah Cyrus : Make Me (Cry)
Shakira: You don’t Care About Me, Illegal, Empire

Next step, Youtube. Putting this fact clearly out there, the fact I’m
a very hardworking person has got a direct relation with my ever so sweet
study breaks.
Here is a list of all the channels I rush to, to enlighten myself:
Madeleine Olivia
Study Music Project – Music for Studying
Kalyn Nicholson
Boho Beautiful

Good books are like free brownies! Oh, the sumptuous taste. Try one! You
won’t even-ever mind counting your calories.
I read books-Self Help Books.
And here’s a list of my all time oh-my-goodnesses:

The Secret and all its relatives. -Rhonda Byrne
(Will you go out on a coffee date with me?)
The Power Of Now:Eckhart Tolle
How To Be A BAWSE : Lilly Singh
Addicted to Robin Sharma anyway!
(Casually, having no chill)
WHY SO STUPID ? :Edward De Bono

For FOOD Habits: I have enjoyed drinking self-made cold coffee lately,
with or without my study material,
somethings always inspire you.
Socials: I deleted my snapchat
I deleted my Whatsapp
I don’t own a facebook account
I rather created beauty with my amazing phone-camera
and opened a studygram. (instagram + study account)

The newspapers are painted red,
the skies are angry too
the families are broken inside,
my lover waits for me on the other side.
No amount of ammunition brought me my peace,
No amount of dirty jokes, got likes
I draped my soul in the colours I like,
and carried forward with an energetic smile.

While I tread on this path of spirituality,
I ask you if you will like to come along.


7 thoughts on “Spirituality (no-format)

  1. God !! Nishita, this is really amazing.. Sooo intense.. πŸ’―
    Though Idk any of those songs, channels, books that inner voice gave huge impact to me esp those lines over family, own life n love..πŸ•΄
    Uff!! I wish there could be a pin to profile option here too 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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