We’re all liars, we’re all legends
We’re all tens, that want elevens
We’re all trying to get to heaven, but not today
We’re all happy, we’re all hatin’
We’re all patiently impatient
And just waiting for somebody to love. -Kacey Musgraves


Some are successful others want to be, the rest criticise their lives and ditch others ideas. – Nishita

Our mind is tainted, it is smoked, it is amorphous.

Our ideas are polluted, our minset stubborn.

And our hearts sad and desperate.


Our mind is inspired, it is cultivated, it is clear

Our ideas are creative, our mindset progressive

And our hearts filled with love and care.


Our routine is crowded

our families dead or crying in need

our work unfinished on dirty broken tables


Our schedule is in sync with journey

Our families are together and calm

our work in process to be completed.



We ain’t love, ain’t respected

We ain’t hugged, we ain’t commited,

We take shit and continue,

We ain’t our names.


We are loved and cared for

We are focused and appreciated

We exude hopeful messages and convey our thanks

We are our names.





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