So I did it!

Osicllating like a pendulum since the day I was born between the bads and the good I carry along.

I have completed my 12th and I am in the process of writing my entrances (I had my NEET-UG today).

This time has taught me alot.

I have had busy schedules, tons of work, and a hectic routine. 

I have had the most beautiful time, in my entire life, I have had the opportunity to read the most amazing books and prepare myself for my battles(entrances).

Oh and dont forget all the good food, and instagram/youtube breaks.

I wanted to create a video, an artpiece that culd inspire me as well as people around.

And I did it!

Here’s the completed project, and I’m so proud of it!

Go ahead and become a better version of yourself!

The Video : Spiritual: A New You

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