detach thy soul,

from all agony of thy world,

lay yourself in the arms of love and respect,

feel proud of your breathe,

when ye shall must run,

ye be given power,

set yeself free,

from ye past,

love carelessly, hate carefully,

ye family be ye’s to die,

when ye be set upon fire,

rejoice in the accolades of your love.

Love selflessly,

forgive carefully,

knowing ye will live, anyways,

ye must chose ye breathe, to be alive.

With the two important people by my side, I couldnt have wanted more. But I felt weak and powerless, I repeatledly asked myself why?  When past relations turmoils knock, you must  be strong.  I love carelessly, and hate carefully! Why must I take with me the burden of their past! Knowing I am leaving soon. Runaways and confrontations are a very important part of my life. I don’t feel love for them, only my duties remain. In the drains are the pains. But today, I let them come alive! Some guests aren’t invited, some people are far more than ghosts. I couldnt accept it, and I let it paint myself with dirty tinges. Slow steps, to the place I call hell, replace myself with a person who can accept life sans love.As I came back, to the place I let the tears free. I picked myself up, went through each room, and wrote my heart here.

I apologise! My burdens, I lay be their side.




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