8th June, 17

I recall telling him, “I want to be of the crowds, but be myself. I want to enjoy as one of them, still have my name and grace. I want to lose myself in one of the crowds, and be found dead one day among one of them.”

It’s been a sine curve kind of a situation. I overthink – overeact – overpause – overcry-overemotionalize – oversleep, until today. ❤

I have never been this happy and satisfied since a forever as I can remember. I am not employed to any institution right now, except my own life. I have had the opportunity to be with myself, and replay my life over – over again.

Today, seems to have had a euphorical effect on me. There I stood among them all, looking pretty, going in and out of stores confidently. I ordered some amazing food to name- Burger King’s Veggie Stix, BK Sundae, Garlic Bread Sticks etc.

“You move close to me, I pull myself into you. On the backseat of the bar, I think about our said conversations and the hidden meanings”.

“I had no worries, with my hair open, and my purse hanging, and my books in had, I walked so pretty, I found home in this big city.”

” I felt my heartbeat, I felt free, I found the freedom i had lost because of their boundaries”.

“I stand nowhere in their priority list, and I am shaken always to learn the fact, and his voice might have had a shocking effect, I cursed him secretly and carried on”.

“In my hands were my lifelines, In my mind my progress, You could see I was in love, I forgave him when I came back”.

“As she searched for the perfect gift, I thanked him for taking us slow, cause in no universe do I want to find teddies for him, and in no way I want roses on any day”.

“On a lunch date, I came to realise, none had stopped, both moved on, both became someone, they had to relearn each others’ name”

“I normally fall in love with you, when I see death, or when I see failed relations where the girl begs to not have an eye-contact”.

“And cause I didn’t have the opportunity to chose none but you, know you are special, and I expect a hell lot of emotions from you”.




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