12th June, 17

I think you’re movin’ in too close
But I think that it’s my body
Wanting it the most like
Uh-huh!  – Julia Michaels


Both of us are strongly opinionated, we discuss the movie scripts in particularly minute details, till we pleased.

Our lives are different, so are our choices, but not a text goes by when I do not send her this “💋” and she doesn’t reply back in love.

And I had all my runaways with her.

I seem to enjoy car rides that lead to new adventures. Delhi!

We stood on the terrace in the middle of an evening, sober, yet I knew it was this, I had been waiting for.

My truths are all poetic lines. ❤

Their orders, and her recurrent loud voice was sharply shaken by my confirmation, of me abiding to bring her next task to completion.

Fried Momos, Traffic and Back seat Rides. 🙂

No immunity against your sins require my attention, all done in love comes back in love.

Cold Coffees and Green Teas are a cycle of truth and work and romance.


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