Pour your heart, I say to myself as I write another piece for someone as beautiful.

Cages are funny things, though they bind you, and you certainly abide by their jurisdictions they help you find your true self.Weeks of lazy schedules, and no productivity, no assignments can throw us back, far back in our lives. Often we are hit by our own stones. Often we lose ourselves to the hands of our own fears. I talk about finding myself, so much that I might look like a naive 18 year old-lost person.

But then, saints are my favourite people, and anger my only enemy.

Who are we, where are we, what are we destined for, what must we leave behind, where must we head, and who must we keep?

I tend to keep myself as free and caged as I like. Some secrets are so hurtful they can bring mountains to bow and decay. I tend to write and simplify, and sometimes lose it all.

In these times, where as he said no one cares for anyone else, I must say, some don’t care for you. And some far, maybe by distance will make sure to be with you anyways.

It’s about priorities you see. PRIORITIES, bold and nice.

If you love your mother, no matter how busy you are, you will call her and tell her how you’ve been keeping with your work and changing times.

If you  are very good friends with “Sneha”, well you will make sure to hang out with her, even if it means skipping your lazy time and getting dressed and messed.

That’s the beauty of it. PRIORITIES do not run us, we run them, we pile them , we accord our life around them.

And as bookish as it sounds, without these PRIORITIES, you and me we are lazy people who sleep 10 hours a day and never want to go to work, no matter what. And my dearest, PRIORITIES can hurt you like no one can, like no other monster alive or dead can or could.

Each of us has different priorities. Mine will differ from yours, and his will differ from mine. And that’s how some relations decay like some wounds heal. both grow and build on PRIORITIES. 

And as much as I say, I still am wounded, as much as I was yesterday but these words they will help me and you understand a lot better, and help us from bruising by the same man again.

We are the kings and the queens of an empire we establish. Our friends and family are the respected and loved citizens. PRIORITIES, my dearest 🙂

Go ahead and mark your loved ones on top, and those who do not matter, should not matter, bruises of emotions either make you stronger or they make you lifelong writers, where do you stand to be?

He gave me the strength to write, and you my dear well you taught me a hell lot, I’ve my fight. Self -romance is yet not a sin, I hope to find a criminal just as lovely as me to be romancing the body he has.


And make yourself, your first priority. Until next time. Goodbye.



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