Knit Together.

I sit with a Hot-Coffee in my hands, and my fingers take my thoughts ahead.

Come The Saturdays and The beloved Sundays, some romance in front of television screens, while a few celebrate love and victories in the same field. Relationships are a two way thing, you give love and you receive love. You sit in the front seat with your partner in a car which has two steering wheels, the task is to get tangled and carry on with the emotions of heart. It’s about living in the highs and the lows, and maintaining a stable yet dynamic state. You fight, you kiss, you cry, you laugh, you make memories that last, and you continue.

“Promises of forevers ended on text messages, she said goodbye, just to find the “he”, she lost. He used to fit in my poetry, like he was crafted for them, now his words fit in my paragraphs like he was meant to teach me. “

You let go of your boundaries, of your past and your future, you stand their with him/her and talk, you touch their skin and it speaks to you, and you realise love is what can be felt but never written about quite honestly. We have our choices, likings and shortcomings in a relation the other partner either teaches us or complements us.

“Every scar, every patch, every pimple, every acne, each bump, and each flat surface, two bodies one circuit.”

We live simply, but lie elaborately complex lies. And we give way to the difficulties in our simple breathing patterns. Oof! We mix our simple yes’s and no’s with maybe’s and if not’s and what if’s. Love isn’t celebrated with 5-star meals, or diamond rings or branded clothes, or prada on skin. Love is deserving, it’s powerful, it’s strong and it’s capable of empowering you and your ideas. You do not have to socially flaunt your lover to be accepted. Loving is spontaneous, its free, it’s liberating and most importantly it’s a happy feeling to be in.

“I hope to tell you that every word I write is a part of a story, I’ve lived. “

NO matter where you are – mountain,plateau, peninsula, rainforest, savanna, arctic or the moon- we all are fighting for one powerful life-changing potion- Love. I have been fighting too. It’s crazy how we all are playing in different battle fields, day in- day out, working harder than yesterday to achieve our goals, our destinations, but in the run we are blinded by our real motive, we lose ourselves to the mere competition, and slowly we get caught up in the nuisance we create to find our love and our loved ones.

We were going for the movie, but suddenly a call took her away. That call meant business, promotion, bonus and I stood looking in her eyes, asking myself what would she chose if this was the last time, i was going to stand in front of her?

If I had a wish for humanity, for my community, I would ask “to be gifted with the ability to be able to see our lives as a fellow third person”.  Have you ever noticed, how quickly we are able to pin-point flaws in others lives? And on the same principle films, dramas, plays and shows work, they demonstrate an idea, or a belief just as real to spread across a strong social message. They play – women empowerment , sitting in the audience, watching a few dialogues, a few scenes hit us, injure our self pride, and narrow beliefs, just to make us better-responsible and good citizens of this empire.

Silence cannot be silenced with loud-blaring music. Every morning their television cried looking at the family who never spoke two words of love, but talked about the success stories of their friends and mocked at them. Food was served, but they ate it cold. Diseased are the minds which are not served with right amount of vitamins of good-positive feelings.

“Cry, cry your heart, it hurts and it must, loving can be fragile if the base is not strong, if there are ambiguities and questions. Talk, pour your heart, say it with emotions, let the words roll out like they must, words mean little when said at the wrong time, but they make all the difference.”


As a child, I believed that motivation-encouragement-self determination were words adults preached to show their superiority, to radiate their experiences, to grab attention, being who I am today, these words necessarily directly or indirectly place us at different peaks in our lives.Who you must be shall be decided by your merits and your self confidence but also by you creativity and encouragement for others in your league.

“They sat on the lunch table, none said a word, they had a list of questions they had in their minds, they clicked random photographs, posted them – and felt satisfied, but in the dark night- in their journal, they cried, and some doubts intensified to self misery. Their relationship decayed, and fungi grew to cover their wrong doings.”

Relations are easy, still I managed to ruin most of mine. And most of us do. It takes me pages full of poetry and situations to understand why we lost and why we won. I accept my mistakes and I let go of my grudges, of my fears and my hatred. I am the butterfly who has dreams to go to places, wild and nice. I am the ant who works hard. I am the snake who slithers away in fears. I am the dog who barks in self-disgust. I am the monkey who apes to get social acceptance. I am the parrot who repeats her words. I am a human, who gets lost and fights to come back.

And I am proud to have loved you!

Run as fast as you can and bang their door, when they open pour yourself in their face, let the misery end, let doubts dissolve and love bloom, empower your being, build this empire. And most importantly find yourself in the arms of your loved ones. You will cry, you will breakdown, your pride will be shattered just to grow again, let your armour stand for the good of you. Let the flowers’ aroma fill your life, feel the love, feel the heartbreak that might have drifted you apart, feel yourself, feel. Dissolve in the moment.

“I hope to find a yes on your lips for me when I come back to you down and self-worthy of us.”

Until next time, goodbye.


10 thoughts on “Knit Together.

  1. This is an “exquisite”… Well written…
    I read few of your posts and one thing I must say that your writing is of different taste which I like… Normally people write on some general stuffs but your posts are unique or better to say “out of the box” which is your strength… Keep going and keep writing… Best wishes… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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