What do we find in the rain?


She found the pain

He found distress.

She found the lover, she lost.

He lost her loved one, again.

She talked on the phone

He switched off his socials.

She laughed in the balcony

He cried in the rain

She fell in love

He decayed in the distrust

I stand here typing, typing freely

I sip this tea, as lovingly as rain covered me,

some celebrate, some romance, some scream, some shut.

We are the shades of grey of sky,

Some sit in bus with a ticket

some board trains aimless

close you eyes, and cry

close your eyes, and laugh

Close your eyes, and mock

close your eyes, and dance

As passionately as passion would.

let realisations be mailed to you

let your heart guide you

be yourself, in this rain

we live here,

and we find our answers in rain


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