We’ve been talking

about weathers and clouds,

Open doors and open skies,

don’t lead me once, where I have tried,

I adore you-but your honesty,

never leads me to you.

You scare my evils,

I cut you till I fall, on my knees,

I let you lose, and I come back to see you healthy

but you’re killing yourself slowly

Every drop of your nicotine blood,

Every ounce of your love for me, 

every truth I hear on the phone,

I am unable to take your reality,

we used to be – who we were,

from classrooms to bedrooms now,

your words scare me,

I adore you- but I have no role to play.

I don’t know where we have been,

now this seems so wild and serene.

You are the only one- who I wish I was better to,

every sand of time- I have,

I would lovingly want to care for you,

but who am I and who you are,

we don’t know much, till the phone’s silent

I am here- and you’re alone, 

you’re serving your slave now.




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