Like Myself.

” I do not belong to the romances I play in my head.”

Like a fort, the walls built around of drama and emotional injustice.  Like a fire, the flames of the ruined. Like a raindrop, little by little- surrendering to every thought- continuously. Like a paintbox with unfinished layers of homogenous material. Like a sound unheard even when it is in the audible range. Like a canvas, paints turned white – with each stoke of agony and rust. Like a thought corrupting mindsets – so purely that it cannot be mistaken. Like a human heart slaving for eternity under these horses- wild as they are. Like a human heart- beating to keep the soul alive even under the nuisance the thoughts master.

“Waking up-late gives me anxiety”.

Like a mother, who lets her child play. Like a dead body, that lay motionless. Like a soap opera -that shows women in the ugliest of empowering roles. Like the friend- who had died on the trust she never gave. Like a love- that has never been born. Like a bill- that never became a law. Like you. Like a mindset that kills me- not asking for my permission. Like a tear which rolls down my face without leaving a trail of its salt of truthfulness. Like a sleep – tranquil but horrifying. Like your name- repeated but never allowed. Like myself- happy but never enough. Like myself spirited- but not lively enough. Like myself- happy but never enough. Like my thoughts governing- but disruptive in every law book. Like Myself.


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