I re-write words to ease  failures of mine. 

Maybe you’re hit again. Maybe the traffic lights shine a dark red sign. You move forward and find yourself guilty enough to take a step back- unknowing there is no backward step. Maybe you feel the way I do, powerless and hopeless.

Maybe this is the day- you’ve lost yourself again. You lie on on your bed, you bid goodbyes to your loved ones- but wait for their texts. Maybe you’ve locked all the locks- you wait for a person to knock and hug you. Maybe it’s the day- your emotions have finally decayed within your blood and now no amount of big- hefty quotes seem to bring you forward. Maybe it’s the kind of day you want to run but sleep in the same instant. Maybe it is the day you want to call me and ask me how I’ve been, but something pulls you aside. Maybe your thoughts are enslaving your heart into prisons you do not maps to. Maybe you are as lost as I am, or I seem to dramatise.

I ask you to do one thing. And do this very small but significant activity.

Not only will you find yourself again. You will find these emotions will sleep in their own volcanoes. You must keep these demons within you, cause they belong to you. No they do not define you, no they do not make you, they effortlessly effect you.

Do this: Listen to dance music- dim the lights- and dance.

I find my questions when I dance, when I lose myself in the air I breathe, when my heart beats stronger, when my feet taps, when I try to understand the beat, and I will always find myself there. 

I ask you to do one more activity:

Take a colouring book and colours. Sit and colour. I promise you health. I promise you your answers. I promise you that you will find yourself right there in those colours, with every stroke you will dissolve and evolve.

I ask you this in my pleasures of seeing you happy. I ask myself the same each time I wait for things stupidly enough. I ask you to engage yourself.

Nobody makes us more sad than we do ourselves. I can drive myself into self-pity. I can drive myself into things I do not like.

 I can drive myself to my success as well.

Until, next time.Goodbye.






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