The temperature was protective. The clothes loose. The bed drew me in. The pillow stay still. No over-covering. The temperature was welcoming. I slept first in a time as happy as this. 

We spend our lives crying  or drinking exorbitantly expensive drinks! Engaged in dramas or marriages of liabilities and over-confidence. We suck at our dreams and nicely wait for one-days. Knowing well or not enough about our respective game plans. Walking around hand in hand with people we do not belong to, and those we must love, stay at home waiting- almost drooping from the workload the world has to offer them. Why must we be like we are? Why must we silence- the incredible noises real as it is? Why must we be hungry if we are full? Why must we cry- when we are happy?

We are the generation that was parented with internet and factual thoughts. We are becoming a generation- now that only cares about social awkwardness and mental health. No, we are not a sad generation. We are a made up drama. Liberty of thoughts only lead to jailing or privatising emotions. Liberty to walk only led to more security guarded homes. Liberty to spend only led to vine bottles with poverty standards.

What’s wrong with us? Why is saying “I love you” so difficult?Why is “accepting” against our ethics now? Why cannot we see- what we must?Why are we found stalking our friends – old or new, but never seen hugging them quite right? Why do we gossip about people we must show concern about? Why must we act foolish when the knowledge runs in us? Why must we cry – lamenting about the he’s and she’s that never happened to be ?



And seldom all these questions surrender. And the answers seem insignificant. And this happens when you start living simply. We are like pendulums- we live in the extremes- when we are indeed suppose to live in the “in-betweens”.

I scroll down and I see a gallery of romance and friendship.



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