Let Loose.

Get back to where you belong!

Talk carelessly till your instincts sip the emotions- let your heart be free. Enslave no soul, no emotion, no thought- the tomorrows of our lives are so momentary. Let loose- lay loose like an unkempt bedsheets. Say hi, do not create distances that can be delayed by simple conversations. Love deeply- but be free enough to let the person not be caged, let your emotions be the radiating sun rays- not the moon’s light brightening only a portion of sky.

Invite the boy sitting in the corner for a coffee together. Go take a walk and understand the cultural aspects of each other. Go talk about the school that provided you with the most beautiful-pathetic memories.

Sit back- and look into his eyes- his eyes may teach you how to love yourself- without any setbacks. 

Overcomplicated lies like mine have long entangled me in boundaries I could not name- it isn’t about trust issues- or breaking the walls, – it’s about not talking it’s about keeping to one’s self- it’s about overthinking- speak more than anything.

Randomly pick up a conversation. A random hello will cost you appreciation and adventures you would have never expected or accepted. Treat yourself with diversity. 

You can sleep in your room or be someone you always wanted to be in the outside.


Until Next Time, Goodbye.



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