just passing by.

it’s 8.30 and the dining table is set.  it’s 8:45 and you dive in to your breakfast.  it’s 8.55 and you wear your shoes.  it’s 9 and the office going are ready to shoot.  it’s 9.30 and there is a fleet of vehicles on the road.   it’s 10 and the work day has begun. it’s 10.30 and you’ve been called to meet your manager. it’s 11 and you do not like your job. it’s 11.10 and you worry about managing yourself, your family and life as a whole.  it’s 11.30 and life looks mediocre. it’s 12 and you start to scroll down Facebook. it’s 12.30 and your calendar notifications reminds you it’s your best friend’s anniversary today. it’s 12.40 and you’re working hard.  it’s 12.45 and you feel the rumbling in your stomach.  it’s 1 and the lunch is almost about to happen. it’s 1.20 and lunch is the only thing on your mind. it’s 1.55 and the lunch wasn’t delicious. it’s 2 and the lunch break is over. it’s 2:30 and life seems mediocre. it’s 3 and you wonder if kids are home  yet. it’s 4 and you measure the distance to the weekend.  it’s 5 and you sip on your loved tea with delicious nutty biscuits. it’s 6 and people have started to leave or pack. it’s 7 and you feel like going home. it’s 7.30 and you dont want to go home. it’s 7.35 and you are home. it’s 7:45 and your kids tell you how their day was. it’s 8 and you wish somebody had the dinner prepared. it’s 8.30 and your kids remind you of the submission next day. it’s 8:45 and you start to eat your dinner. it’s 9 and you are in the market buying things for the project next day. it’s 9:30 and life seems fast. it’s 9:45 and you sip tea while working creatively in a hurry. it’s 10 and you put your kids to sleep. it’s 10.10 and you start to wonder if you could treat yourself with some entertainment. it’s 10:20 and you are still on your phone. it’s 10:30 and you put on the cricket match on t.v.  it’s 11 and you feel like binging on some little snacks. it’s 11 and your kids finally sleep.  its 11.12 and you curse yourself for missing 11.11. it’s 11:30 and you wonder if you are a good parent. it’s 11:45 and you increase the volume of the t.v. its 11.50 and you start to fight with your husband. it’s 12.00 and you think there’s still time for tomorrow. it’s 1 and sleep doesn’t happen. it’s 2 and sleep doesn’t happen. it’s 3 and sleep doesn’t happen. it’s 4 and sleep doesn’t happen. it’s 5 and you feel like sleeping for once. it’s 5.10 and you’re sound sleeping. it’s 6 and it starts to worry you. it’s 7 and you wake up in hurry. it’s 7.30 and you start to scream. it’s 7.45 and you bash your kids for ruining your life. it’s 8 and you prep breakfast and lunch. it’s 8.15 your kids leave for school. it’s 8.30 and the dining table is set. 

just passing by. 




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