this one’s for you.

* i was dieing, i was dieing, i was dieing, and somehow i didn’t*

periods is a horrible time to be alive. the pain not only causes anger, frustration, misery but it also makes us want to give up on ourseleves completely and die. it’s a roller coaster with a gravity drop. it is bad bad bad. yet it is a natural event to occur.

here’s a list of activities you can do – to win over or atleast lessen the pain.

  1. Walk. – Chose your own pace. But move around.
  2. Heat – Place a hot water bag. It will relax the muscle contraction and help you be.
  3. Green Tea – It feels good to the body. (personal recommendation)
  4. Coconut oil – Apply a little of it on the belly button. Helps in reducing the pain. (Thankyou for my friend for helping me on this one! )
  8. Water – Drinking warm water will help reduce cramps again. Plus – it helps in increasing the blood flow. Keep yourself hydrated!
  9. Yoga. Here’s a link to youtube video specially designed for it.                                      Link :
  10. Massages
  11. Hot water bath. 
  12. Eat Boron Rich Foods – avocado, peanut butter, prunes, chickpea, bananas
  13. Eat Calcium Rich Foods – dairy products, sesame seeds, almonds, leafy green veggies.
  14. Rubbing your tummy in anti-clockwise direction
  15. Sleep. It helps you forget about life and pain – even if momentarily.
  16. Cry – that’s the best idea. if nothing else helps. it will let you release all your emotions. and make you feel better.
  17. Pain killers – if need be.
  18. Music – Piano. Harp. Just instrumentals. It resonates and makes you feel ahmazing.
  19. Energy – provide your body with  energy in the form of glucose drinks.
  20. Chocolates and ice-creams – Binge eat if you have to. (I would not suggest this. it starts a cycle of misery with it)
  21. Write it.  Journal your emotions.
  22. Help – ask your loved one to stay with you. just. be. there. for. you.



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