on loving.

like the taste of a chocolate you eat only to relive the taste of childhood. like the fairylights that you decorate you room with to reimagine those trees with lights on them. ย like dal chawal that you look for in foreign restaurants to remind you of home. like the smile you smile while reading a book. like the cheese that stretches when you pull a piece of pizza out. like the morning kiss you give to yourself on some days. like the narrow ray of sunlight which finds its way through the curtain. like the feel of sitting on a carpet when you’re tired. like when you send a text full of love to someone who truly means the world to you. like the lemonade you drink on a hot summer day. like the breathe you take after the first day of working out. like the rush you get when you think about your crush. like the feels you feel when you see another couple and you think about your other significant. like your favourite flavour of ice-cream. like finding the right section to the item you were finding in a supermarket. like seeing your hands like you own them. like sleeping in till late in the day and knowing life ย is good. like how your heart jumps when you hear your happy song on the radio. like when your jeans fits you and you like the shape of your body. like when you know everything is going to be okay. like when you have those little moments with your family. like when you go for school trips and you start to fall in love with things. like when you sleep alone on the bed and you feel safe. like when you know – it’s just meant to be. like when you cannot stop thinking about the love of your life. like when you start to blush because your brain sends you these instants. like when you walk with pride. like when you look at yourself in the mirror and you say to yourself that you’re the loveliest person in the world.

this is loving. And only ย you have the power over your side of love. and only this part of the love can make you happy. and this is all that is to be in love – the real love.ย not the love – ย that you expect from others. because it is you and it will always be you. because you cannot find these experiences in the external but the internal.ย 

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