There will be times when the text will arrive before you even finish typing.  There will be times when you wait for 30 minutes for a text.   There will be times you’ll wait for 12 hours for a text.    And there will be times when no replies will come.    In all – know that the text will be read, will be received, will be thought about, and know that it is not important that the receiver texts you back.  That text made an impact in the way it was received by the person. It will never be important to get a text back. but I’ll advise you to text just because your heart tells you to, because if that person was here- you’d say it anyway. send it without a second thought when you feel the pull of it. the receiver will be happy to receive it, somewhere in their blood or neurons. you do not know – where the other person aches without communicating. you may not know that the other person might be waiting for that text as well. we honestly never know – and therefore rather than let the thoughts play , say it anyway. let your days be filled with seen messages than no texts at all. say it anyway. cause someday – someone will do the same to you. they’ll say it anyway.

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