somedays you will love better than others. somedays you will connect better, understand more and be more willing. somedays you will be high on love, immerse more into the feeling, explore more ways of togetherness. but on others you will feel misbalanced, disoriented, and unfocused.  some afternoon thoughts will make you feel like you are losing and from there on you will make the mistake of blaming the person you love the most . you will start to align your maladies with the idea of your lover. you will start to curse the intersection of you life. you will start to write dirty sad pathetic poetry which makes the readers cry, sympathise and feed the egoistic body. you will start to look at the relationship differently, start to relate every fall in your life with the breathe of your lover. you will  wake up to days when you will no longer feel tied to any man or woman. you’ll relish other delicacies of life, blaming the existence of your lover for every defect in your lifestyle. but this was never about him. it was about you.

it was never about the things that never happened – it was about the magic you let  go. it was never about his love – it was about your inability to love better or love at all.  it was never about love. it was about your thoughts. it was never about him. it was about you.


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