In the audience there will be somewhere in the back some people you know of that will criticise and analyse your every move to feed their weaknesses and to make themselves look cooler, stronger or of more value.Β  There will be some who will clap and cheer for you in the crowd. When you’re up there on the stage you will see new faces enjoying your content – and you will sow seeds to new phone calls and text messages. Some of your friends will dance to your music , some will grow envious and some will burn in the fire of your success. You will see people controlling the critics till a limit. Your mistakes will be highlighted – your humour will be booed at – your dance energy will be measured with – your musical notes will be wondered at – you will be body shamed – you will be looked down upon and many many other bad bad things will be said and thought about you. But I am here to tell you that none of them will be true or worthy enough for your time or care. You must do what you must. You must sing – even if you sound pathetic. You must dance even if you slip or forget a beat. You must try doing stand-ups even if you think no one will care enough. You must do what you must.

Recently I read a quote in a video – it said something on these lines – you will be doing the universe disservice if you do not do what you were meant to do.Β 

I advise you to act weird. Spread your poetry even if it reads more like paragraphs. I advise you to say what you want to and say it anyway. I want you to scream and jump and be you – from the innermost of yourself, because if you do not you’re hiding a magic the world is yet to see.

Take the stage – and do you.Β 

Until next time, Goodbye.

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