🏹 Up Your Game – Lesson 6 🏹

But before we start – do the ritual will you? take a pen and a paper.  (I would have grabbed a box full of sketch-pens, colourful stickynotes and a cup of black coffee as well)

the instructions –

* jot down the lines or quotes that hit you deep or motivate you in the following post.

* AND listen to your heart speak to you while you read these lines.


Lesson 6 : The Tools You Need

 35 Positive Quotes to Have a Nice Day More






This post will take your – winning streak a lot longer (🔥 💯 🔥).

Know – when you are most willing to be your best?

Everybody has different hours in which their body feels the best motivated to work hard. Some people like the early morning hours, some afternoon while others prefer the evening/ night time. And then – fill in this time effectively with tips provided below.

Make your own work place!

Know which setting you’d like to work in – home, coffee -shops, school, office environment or outside in nature. Build your work space where you feel most you and energetic. Do not chose bed as your working space if you know you’re going to fall asleep in no time. Do not chose open working space if you’re distracted easily by the movement of other people. Make your space free of disturbances.

Background Music 🎶:

Chose you style to fill the empty spaces between your thought process. You can let it be filled with pindrop silence – or you might like jazz music, or guitar classic. Take your own pick. Make sure the music – helps you focus more than enjoy. You do not want to end up dancing rather than working on your task.

Time Slots ⏰:

Have fixed working time slots and interchange them with scheduled tasks (more about this trick in the coming posts). Human mind has an attention span that usually lasts from 30 – 45 minutes after that the minutes do not produce very productive results. Chop your work into these slots. And after you’re done with this slot give yourself a break. Move out of that place. And then start this slot again.

Learn about the pomodoro technique! Here’s a link for the same – The Pomodoro Technique  



Haves ☑️ :

Proper Lighting

A Planner (digital or physical)

Work Material


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Haves ☑️ :

In case you’re using any electronics

always have their chargers in handy

Watch / Clock – to keep up with the time

Water bottle

pacifistpadme: “11/26/16 ”
Not Haves ⛔ :


Extra stationery items

Cluttered Workspace




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