Current Mood – Sadness.๐Ÿ˜”

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-17 at 7.34.33 PMI am a sad person. I enter – cycles of sadnessย from where it feels impossible to see the rainbows above. It is pathetic – in short devastating to my being. Days turned to weeks and sometimes months – I continue dragging myself deeper in this mood. Here’s a list of things I have learnt. I hope this helps you. I hope you find this – just when you are supposed to.


the list :


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*find someone who makes you smile. let them save your bad day. I remember the last time I stood on the door of a sad loop – about to walk on that path – a friend of mine unknowingly pulled me away from entering it. a simple easy conversation can save you. laugh on the silliest jokes with the right people. identify those buddies – who have the power(*magic) to make you feel easy, comfortable, in short you.

*it might be that you are missing someone terribly in the moment. ย it is alright. allow yourself to feel it rather than resisting the flow. revisit your memories to nourish their absence. if you can drop them a text, give them a call, go meet them. you need some people like you need oxygen – that is why missing some people makes you feel empty inside. take yourself to them. ย 

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*write everything down on a piece of paper. it will be difficult to start but after the “I’m not well” sentence written 10 times – the real reasons will become visible. it is easier to find the solutions once the problems are well identified.

*read your past diary entries. they are witness to days you have seen and in them lies your biggest success secrets. draw lessons from them. read them and get lost in your own life story. I did this today – and I blushed (๐Ÿ’–), had wet eyes (๐Ÿ˜ข) and smiled (โ˜บ๏ธ). I felt it all.

*make a list of things you have to do to survive the next day. an idle brain can make you feel useless – it plays the devil. make it work for you. list down all the things you have to do – like doing laundry, cutting your nails, buying groceries, going for a haircut, studying for a test, meeting your parents. (etc).

* cry. let it all out. we cry when our body cannot tolerate the pain anymore. it is like cleansing yourself from within. take a pillow – squeeze it and sob like a baby. say whatever you want to. cry as much as you want – for however long you want to. cry. let it all out.

* watch anime. this one works for me. i started watching anime this year in January and I have enjoyed the process. the concept, the imagery – it all helps you understand life better. way better than I can think. we are all little kids – with our tantrums and problems – all trying to ace this game. anime taught me to relish the process, it helps me recover, it lets me identify myself with the characters. i like taking life lessons from it.

*drinking green tea / or hot a cup of coffee. these are again my personal recommendations. i get anxious really quick – both of these beverages have the power to calm my mind. I like to play *all adult* but I am just a stupid young girl. I’d prefer it that way.

* decide when you want to end this sad loop. it takes courage to get up and say I am back in the game – back with my hustle – back with my savage – back with my real self. do it anyway. your kingdom belongs to you – and you alone. fill it with things you want. decide who stays. create your own space.


Until Next Time,

Goodbyeย ๐Ÿ–ค

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