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people will talk about you – just like you chit chat about them, in worse or better ways. your goodness level will not downgrade their harsh games – it will not. it might make them think / realise – but it will not downsize their bad deeds (in most cases).Β a lot of times your loved ones will not back your decisions. keep your rules simple and morals high. remember their names. forgive their activities. let karma be sweet and spicy to them. regard people who stick with you in your bad/ low/difficult times – these may be people you have never known/ liked/ appreciated.

remember thisΒ  Β ‘you’ do ‘you’. Β  ‘you’ undo ‘you’.Β 

life will be miserable if you share it with people who cannot appreciate you.Β have as many lunches alone as you want to. reject as many parties as you wish to. cancel as many plans as you would like to. be all by yourself as long as you want to before giving in to the worldly affairs.

but when you decide to step out in the world –Β wear your shirt. jump in your pants. comb your hair. brush your teeth and take leadership/ ownership/ responsibility. take onus of your words / activities / ideas / decisions. Β do not wait for something to happen to you – simply take the opportunity and turn it to your best interest. chose to be with people – than letting people chose their ways on you. align your interests and decisions in life. take responsibility of you actions/ stop giving fucks if they do not understand/ appreciate/ back you.

a few years back I -read this quote on the internet – to be number one you have to be odd. let yourself be odd – do not chose to be even with people under pressure/ compulsion.

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