Lessons !๐Ÿ’˜!

My love, you're the one.โ˜…Stop wanting them to stick in your life. They can leave whenever they feel like.

โ™ก forgiveness is not putting the weapon downย it is learnig how to kiss the person pulling the trigger –ย not just a quick peck on the cheek ย but a full one with tongue. (Pinterest)




Let us put a label on it

โ˜…there is nothing more beautiful than being desperate/ and there is nothing more risky than pretending ย not to care. (Pinterest)

โ™กYou are guaranteed nothing. Stop denying affection. (Pinterest)





โ˜…Stop romanticizing – the *i dont need anybody* and *i dont have feelings attitude*.ย (Pinterest)

โ™กYou are as you are -until you are not.ย (Pinterest)















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