today. i walked through the garden.

thinking. my blood was a little warmer, heartbeat a little faster, and my face shone a better brighter. i listened to a playlist titled something i don’t remember. i turned the volume high enough that any other voice could not be distinguished discreetly. and then i put all my energy into remembering us. you.

the things you do for me/us – like taking the longer route to your home,  getting off the bus a little far from your house, eloping your friends to stay with me.

like asking for 5 more minutes – before you have to run for an errand. and shushing me when i ask you to leave immediately.

like kissing me a goodnight no matter how the day treated you. and voluntarily putting me first in situations where i ask you not to (and when i actually mean it/ unlike other times).

like kissing me – unexpectedly. like eating my pizza slice. like letting me empty your spoon just when you are about to eat it. letting me drink your coffee when you absolutely need it. letting me eat all the chicken on your pizza. and letting me take the nicer/juicier parts.

letting me put my heavy head on your chest. like caressing my right side of body. like holding my sweaty palms when no one tolerates them. like putting your arms around my shoulders and walking by my side. like taking the same step of escalator as i do. and letting me freeze in the middle of nowheres.

like kissing me so nicely that i can feel it when i am alone in the bed. like dropping me home just to make sure i reach home safe. like clicking photographs for the purpose i can see them and feel you right next to me.

like eating all of my favourite dishes on our dates. and agreeing to me even when you would want to deny. like holding my hands even when we are with your friends. like agreeing to my plans. like saying “i understand” when i do not. and loving me just the way i am.

i came home with the thoughts of you. and i have been alot more happier since.

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