there is no bias mixed in this poetry.

this is the most real you’ll hear from me.

i hope you get to live it – like i did.


i sat with him when he came back home

with lights dim like i like –

and my sister by my side,

whose snide remarks dug holes in my heart

i continued

he’s the same man – i knew 2 years ago

and i still love him the same way

and he still respects me – the same

his inquistive and laid back atitude hasnt changed a bit

but i like him with his sweet words

and he loves me with my caring nature

and he loves me in better fitting clothes

and i like it when we sit on the table – and eat together.

so today was fresh and memorable.

we talked –

i heard myself saying

“dont leave me and go”

and i wonder if he is wondering,

if his daughter is back,

and hell yes, she came back.

and i hope all that i burnt,

and from all the ashes i am built

always stay within me.

i love him.

i love him.


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