11 things that breakup taught me

Guest Post : Aisha

11 things that breakup taught me:

1. They won’t regret breaking your heart, not now not ever, just like you don’t regret killing an ant a while ago
2. There is no if it’s meant to be it will be. Because how much ever you like the other person chances are that they’re poison.
3. Don’t go by days thinking you’ll always miss them, cz you wont.
4. Our mind is a beautiful gift, train it to forget their existence and one day you’ll believe it.
5. Don’t. DONT. Contact them. Fight the urge to do it. Fight it like a pro
6. Talk to someone that gives you peace.
7. I’m so sorry for whatever that happened but it’s time to get up.
8. Accept the fact that, it is over even if you promised forever.
9. No people don’t care, they’re just curious. They’re only there for the drama.
10. It is okay to cry. It is okay not to cry
11. Don’t listen to people’ that say “move on, he’s not worth it”. They aren’t going through shit they don’t know shit. But believe me you’ll pass this phase.

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