you know, love?

Guest Post : Rishab Bansal

whatsapp image 2019-01-11 at 3.49.56 pm
Love is when crazy seems normal. Love is when you don’t let her sleep and the conversation just goes on. Love is being one with her, knowing exactly what she knows. Love is having a similar mind, thinking like one. Love is when you talk about everything and anything. Love is when you feel bad but chose to learn from it. Love is when you make her fall in love with herself. Love is when you give her strength like she gives you strength. You know – love is respecting what she does for you. Love is unfathomed by all.
But most of all. You know love is when you grow together. Better. Stronger. Happier.
that is what i know for sure.

For more of Rishab’s work : Editingraphy!

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