on diagnosis.

in the middle of my class i was scrolling down my snapchat memories, second january twenty nineteen a snap that reminded me of us hanging out in a mall fighting over are little differences.

you never know how life changes its path – be present and grateful for all you have got. She has been sick – and each person associated with her has been tensed. When someone becomes ill – it affects the vibe/ nature/ thought patterns of the entire family.

Diagnosis ? Ha! It is to blame. If you cannot rule out the disease and pick the right/ close to right action of medication – you’re bound to stay in the vicinity of hospital for as long as you’re alive. (the truth, the harshest truth).

not that hospitals are a bad place to visit, but for me and many others they only evoke pain, misery and feelings of mortality. as sacred the place is for the patient who walks in their first, for the same by the fourth time it rings siren bells (loud and terrible).

Why is it so difficult to diagnose? following are my observations (a 20 someones’ observation). to start off there are many diseases/viruses/bacterias and all of them reproduce in huge numbers.symptoms have their own sweet stories to narrate, they emerge differently for different body types at different stages. the pain the patient feels often contrasts with the understanding of the family and therfore during the time of dignosis the doctor gets to hear jumbled up word puzzles. doctors are frustrated beings – with very short amount of time in their hands (i guess we all are). we all know how much money is made (not even arguing). access to experts/professionals in early stages and in many places is limited or almost impossible. then there is the lack of knowledge, rigid mindset, beliefs that say that the health condition is built up (which can be true or not – life is pretty much shades of colours).And then there is delayed diagnosis!

Enough of it.
Here’s what i learnt, and here’s how you can deal with it:

take your health seriosuly, do not fool around. it is wisely said, “health is wealth”. i hope you never get to the point where in you have to practically see this lesson in your life.

report about your condition to adults – now you’re not an adult if you’re 20 something. go to your parents/ grandparents/ anyone in the family. go now.
go to a doctor/ any professional. take a 2nd / 3rd opinion – till the time you’re not satisfied.
once you are content with the daignosis – take your own stand and trust your medication
monitor any changes in your body
keep a record file – that can be accessed quickly, best to keep a digital backup as well.
know your family history well – have information about any genetic disease in the family line.
do not be shy to discuss your health with friends and family, and here i know many of you will say but why? don’t publish your health satus as the newspaper headlines (don’t seek comfort in the wron person), talk to a member who can be trsuted and can guide you.
do not say okay. sorry. bye. (that is no solution) – in other words do not lock yourself in a room and cry and wait for death to arrive, becase girl that ain’t happening. Quoting Lucius Annaeus Seneca “The wish for healing has always been half of health.”

I conclude this post by quoting William Hazlitt, “Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, adorn your person, maintain your health, your beauty and your animal spirits”. i know she will be fine and we continue with hope and love in our heart. I love you my big fat chicken monster.🍟💖🍕

Until next time, Goodbye!

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