2018? 2019? 201*?

i do not rememeber how this new year began or how 2018 said goodbye to the world. i never said goodbye to it and i think there are many more people out there like me. i never welcomed myself formally in this new year. ย i often say this to my sister, ‘this is the extended version of 2018 that i am living in – well guess what; we all are’.

new years don’t mean much if you look at it from this perspective. all they ย have is a different date format – that’s it!

things nobody indulges at new years (00.00) –
giving up on your relations at the tick of the clock
changing your mindset/ perspective instantly.
your breathing patterns
your reading habits
your eating habits
your any habits

eventhough we live in an instant world no changes are instant in our world – all of them take time to evolve and find their new equilibrium.

changes develop over thought patterns not over mondays or new months or new years.

resolutions? my mother always attempted to try and make me have some, atleast one. and most often as the first week went away/ by, so did my resolution list. never have i ever kept a resolution – why? they were so vague and non- achievable in nature like losing weight instantly, eating no calories, going on exotic vacations, growing my hair very long, growing super tall, having friends who’d love me back the same, being popular, keeping my room clean every single day and bla bla bla.

you see we expect so much from ourselves in so less time – that rather than living the moment, we die under the pressure of it. how could a girl of 10 take on such tasks without being definitive about it. with the newness of an year as they say – we expect changes to abruptly be ย included in our lives. i do believe in miracles, but until and unless you work on your body how do you expect it to take a shape you want? (rather funny)

i do not hate those who have – resolutions bold and clear pasted on their walls, but i like to live in the absence of them. i cannot live in the guilt of not being able to accomplish something i so wanted to at some point of time in my life.ย plus, having no resoltuions allows you to think on more natural mindsets and work on smaller day to day goals. it allows you to live in the present. why take up crazy goals if they are tied to regretful notions?

someone once said ‘if you keep walking, you’ll do yourself quite good – because our natural instinct will take us just where we want to go.’

this year i had no resoltuions. i am working on some aspects of my life though (same as last year)- my relations, my studies, my poetry and myself. simple.

SELRES_cba3c1a7-6571-4e87-94bc-70703dc27680SELRES_1531e95f-874b-4bad-91c8-2e9c5520f1e3SELRES_6d7b0274-64ee-43b8-b92f-d4a4dcc49ffcSELRES_50886f85-00c9-458f-ac5e-343e13c4a215SELRES_80fc59b7-11ec-4644-9f81-3d7ab80bb440SELRES_ca600b58-2cd7-44cd-9320-2960f2a48ffeSELRES_09cac4fa-07a4-4731-9d5e-b3ef05dbcbfcSELRES_b51ee286-8387-45c2-8c8c-dc4762d0eba3SELRES_b51ee286-8387-45c2-8c8c-dc4762d0eba3SELRES_09cac4fa-07a4-4731-9d5e-b3ef05dbcbfcSELRES_ca600b58-2cd7-44cd-9320-2960f2a48ffeSELRES_80fc59b7-11ec-4644-9f81-3d7ab80bb440SELRES_50886f85-00c9-458f-ac5e-343e13c4a215SELRES_6d7b0274-64ee-43b8-b92f-d4a4dcc49ffcSELRES_1531e95f-874b-4bad-91c8-2e9c5520f1e3SELRES_cba3c1a7-6571-4e87-94bc-70703dc27680you can cut people out of your life anytime that you want (i did this in 2018 and it served me quite well ). you can clean your room at any time of the day (i usually start cleaning things at 12 in the night, i am such a cleaniness freak). you can start eating healthy starting with any meal of the day (you heard that right, any meal is just fine). you can say ‘i love you’ whenever you are ready to share yourself with the other person. you can shut down a company when you don’t feel the fire running in you. you can take another job just when you decide to. ย why wait for the first of a year to indulge/execute ย the jobs / goals / dreams that affect our life heavily/deeply?

i did not start a new year.
i continued living my one life in a different date format.

until next time
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6 thoughts on “2018? 2019? 201*?

  1. HA hA ๐Ÿ˜€ it true that we make hell lot out of NEW YEAR, as if things will suddenly change by hit of a year ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am also no resolution person ๐Ÿ˜€ i believe in working on myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ on smaller level ๐Ÿ˜› rather than taking up huge tasks ๐Ÿ˜€

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