Let me fill you.

I remember waking up to a bunch of messages on instagram, a long message on snapchat and a i love you on whatsapp.
I remember respecting the good morning with the warm smile emoji.
I remember waiting for you to say – i love you, to confirm you still wanted me.
I remember losing my sleep to make sure i had not missed a call from you in the evenings.
I remember pretending to listen each of your long stories with attention, when i wanted to yell stop.
I remember thinking what gave you the courage to confide your innermost feelings in me.
I remember seeing your photographs and trying to talk to them.
I remember imagining us kissing and trying to make me sleep
I remember texting you for no reason after i had my coffee after my classes
I remember those very late night conversations when i only wanted to sleep and you only wanted to talk
I remember opening up to you about my fears and insecurities
I remember loving you
I remember how on some nights – i started doing things you did for me when i was sleeping
I remember sending you exclusive bunny filter snaps of me
I remember asking you to marry me
I remember all of it
But i can’t remember where i lost it all –
where i lost the power to continue with this turmoil anymore.


excerpts from – let me fill you

Click here to read β€œlet me fill you”

4 thoughts on “Let me fill you.

  1. We all have been through that broken relationship, where you lose the essence of it all, I will check your whole pdf later, Take care ❀ have a nice day πŸ™‚

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    1. Well, just to clear the doubt. That relationship isn’t broken. It is still flourishing, and we guys are nourishing it in the best of our ways. Would love to hear your views on the book! Have a fantastic day!

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