5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day By Yourself

Guest Post : Ashley

5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day By Yourself

Don’t worry, my independent yet lonely hopeless romantics. Being single on Valentine’s Day is not a big deal! I know your friends might be out and about with there lovers doing lots of lovey-dovey who know’s what while your plans might be stuffing your face with ice cream (chocolate, please) while watching a sappy romance movie like The Notebook. Who cares! I’m definitely not judging you. I’ve spent quite a few Valentine’s alone and it’s not so bad — trust me! You do not need anyone, you are a badass (repeat this to yourself in the mirror.. at least ten times for confidence).


I’m sure you’re usually happy every other day of the year, so don’t let February 14th bring you down! Unless it’s to lay on that big comfy bed you don’t have to share with anybody! Single win. Give yourself a high five for that one (just make sure nobody’s around to witness this very dorky sign of self appreciation). So, if you’re stuck on Valentine’s day wondering what the perks are for a single human creation like yourself, well let me tell you some good ones!



Being alone on Valentine’s Day means no disappointment whatsoever! You don’t have to worry about what someone is going to gift you. I, myself, always held high expectations of my significant lover when it came to gifts. Especially on the day we’re celebrating love — HELLO! Also, no disappointing dinner arrangements! You’re free to go wherever and eat whatever you’d like! Woo-hoo!



I’m sure you’re not the only single person you know.. right?? Grab a few of your single buddies and go out for a drink (or five)! You do not have to sit at home alone on Valentine’s Day, unless you just simply want too! Get dressed up and go hang out with your single friends and meet some other sexy, single cuties! Like I said, I’m not judging you. You deserve love and to have fun! Take a chance and get to know someone on this day. There’s nothing wrong with that!



This is a BIG (emphasization on BIG) pro to being single this Valentine’s Day! It can be expensive being in love and what not! So, just think of how much money you’ll save not having any gifts to buy. Win win situation! More money for you, my friend. Put it towards that trip you’ve been planning, or maybe buy something for yourself! It doesn’t matter what you do with YOUR money, you’re single honey!

In the Geico Lizard’s voice, “I just saved tons of money on Valentine’s Day by switching to single.” HA!



You heard it correctly! Go out and buy yourself some of those delicious chocolate candies — YUMMY! Pick out some beautiful flowers of your choice! Get yourself that cute stuffed animal you wanted (the unicorn with the rainbow horn). Geez, get yourself some jewelry why don’t you? Who cares! Please yourself and do whatever you want. You deserve happiness, as well! So do what makes you happy.



Yes! See what your single friends are up too. Maybe grab dinner together? Or go see a movie? If your friends are too busy (or letting the single struggles get the best of them) invite your family out! Spend time with the ones who are in your life who love and appreciate you! Being around family can cure any disheartening loneliness you might endure on this holiday! So get dressed up and have a great night! I promise, it is still possible my loves!

If you find yourself wanting to spend the night in (which is also cool), here are some movies I suggest you check out:


  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
  • She’s The Man
  • Crazy, Stupid Love
  • Wedding Crashers
  • 500 Days Of Summer
  • Bridesmaids
  • The Hangover
  • Blue Valentine
  • The Break-Up
  • Titanic
  • John Tucker Must Die

Grab a blanket and some food, whether it’s chinese take-out or ice cream, and curl up on the couch! Play a movie, laugh, relax, and just enjoy your YOU time spent with, well, you!


And, of course, some music you can listen to that will spice up your mini mood swings (I know you’re having them):

  • “Love Is A Battefield”
  • “Hot ‘n Cold”
  • “Love Stinks”
  • “Single Ladies”
  • “Stronger”
  • We Are Never, Ever, Getting Back Together”
  • “Ridin’ Solo”
  • “Me, myself, and I”
  • “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”
  • “Can’t Be Tamed”
  • “Survivor”

Blast the music on the speakers and get funky! Shake it ’til you make it! Don’t worry about what anyone else, sing a long and use this as an opportunity to celebrate the love you have for yourself!

I hope this helps out anyone who will be experiencing Valentine’s Day single this year! Thank you for reading!


For more of Ashley’s work : Click Here!

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