on taking others people’s lives

as he spoke i realized that you cannot fight their battles, all you are allowed to do is to guide them, stay with them, monitor their progress but you are forbidden to fight their problems. you can watch as a spectator and let things fall and rise, you can only let their trees bloom and flower and rot. but you cannot participate in their war. you can be an advisor.ย  a judge,ย  a minister, a lover or a friend but you cannot be their soldier. and here i was trying my best to shield him with all of my armour.

but dont get disheartened if they fail, or if they do not follow your advice. it is their battle, their fight, their life decisions. you only get to participate in it, take tickets to their stage shows, dine and wine with them, but you do not get to die with them and you do not get to sign documents on their behalf.

and that is when i told him, that i will let him do himself, let him decide for himself, groom himself and that i will stay and cheer for him.

he found himself a cheerleader.

Sometimes you cannot save a person as bad as you want to. We all have our fights. Each one of us is a ย soldier working in a field. My fight may seem a little easier than yours but that doesnโ€™t make it any less confusing to me – it is still something i am dealing with. As bad as you want to sometimes you will not be able to help your friend, colleague, parent or lover in their situation. Any efforts you might put in will prove to be ย insignificant or dirty trickery. Your sweat and dirty rubbed shoes will not be enough to save them from their monsters. Your faith or energy will not reach their angels or body. Your love will not be able to bring them back and no amount of sorrow will ever be able to do justice with this.

But when you witness such kind of situation do not put energy into it. Do not lose hope in it. Let things flow. Times will change because the person who is dealing with this kind of phenomenon will do something , anything about it. And if in chance nothing nothing at all happens let it be – because joining that tea party will only make you a parasite of this disease – it will not ย free your guilt, liberate you of your worries, it will not free you. It will take you and drown you. Sometimes as bad as you want to – you cannot save a person, no matter what. You just cannot.

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