Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process. It is part of the body’s immune response. It is the body’s response to microbial, autoimmune, metabolic or physical insults including burns and physical trauma, said Hawiger, Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Louise B. McGavock Professor.


Inflammation stirs up when any outside bacteria or virus enters our body. Like an army rushing to defend its fellow troops, white blood cells flood the area of invasion, acting as a barrier between the organism and the rest of your body. This rushing through leads to a list of symptoms.

When inflammation is present in your joints, you often experience pain and stiffness as well as some redness and swelling that’s warm to the touch.

It can be seen in lymph nodes if one is fighting a cold or flu, and accompanying symptoms like loss of appetite, fatigue, chills, or fever are all commonly coupled with this reaction.

Inflammation A Hero or Villain?

When it’s good, it fights off foreign invaders, heals injuries and mops up debris. But when it’s bad, inflammation ignites a long list of disorders: arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, blindness, cancer, diabetes and, quite possibly, autism and mental illness. The article describes in much detail and simple words the studies conducted that show how inflammation effect organs like Brain, Heart and our Blood. 

Excerpt from : The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Inflammation

Acute Vs Chronic Inflammation:


The solution: don’t let your life fill up with inflammatory stressors!

  • Limiting Omega-6 fats, excess sugar, and refined carbs. Get enough Omega-3s.
  • Managing psychological and social stress so it isn’t preying on your mind.
  • Give yourself plenty of rest time between workouts. Remember: workouts don’t make you stronger. Workouts make you weaker, because they injure your muscles. Recovery from workouts makes you stronger.
  • Unhappy gut flora are an inflammation bomb waiting to happen.
  • Get plenty of antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Try avoiding supplements, include the essentials in your meal consuming direct farm fresh goods.


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