dealing with people

to you,

reasons why i’d recommend you to read this:

  • if youve ever felt the desire to kickout a person out of your life
  • if youve ever felt suffocated in the presence of people/ or a person
  • if you in general want to learn this skill
  • if you want to learn how to live life – the human way

this post is in continuation with this post: dealing with people.


what inspired me to write this post: “ my dad told me this the other day β€œdo not be an exhibit for people. do not devour on the fame / comments / likes. take it all in and just keep trying. ”

disclaimer: every point mentioned in here will be a tried and tested trick or skill – and with each i will add in my experience. feel free to giggle, cry and learn with me. let’s go shall we? (In your mind **finally the kinda post i was looking for man, it is here, universe saved me, it did).





so, all of us talk to comunicate, to say our word in exchange of listening to the others. but sometimes (for me most times) you find yourself in places where the other person is only interested in imposing their point/values/customes/experiences (the list can go long my friend). This is the kinda situation i am going to talk about in here. (i know you already feel better now/ yay!). in the middle of a crowd when they ask for your help knowing well enough you’re preoccupied but your response is seen as rude/slaggish/violent, while the crowd perceives them as a victimised person. (ouch, relatable enough?)



ummmmm. now do you want to survive or do you want to win. from personal experience i’d advise you to chose the former. you might question why! the truth is winning these trivial conversations only steals you of your peace of mind/ they also put you forth as a rude person. now, if youve been in a situation where the other person thinks your way of doing things is rudimentary to theirs, i ask you to kindly take a tape and put it right across you ears cause you do not need to go grocery shopping on that side of the city ever. we all have our different beliefs / thoughts/ customs/ boundaries, and each one of us likes to stay/delve in that cave/kingdom. now if your repetitive warning about not doing a process like that – but like this is being ignore, it is time to change the party/ person/neighbourhood. if you stick there – you will more or less end up becoming their replicas, which in case you do not want to become. (really, nish?) but why? why not stay and endure the pain? why not try to change them? how to know if now is the time to make the shift? nishhhhh? how? simple. trust yourself. and simply ask yourself, how much is it worth staying? how much have you already been through? do you see any changes developing? is there any sign of development? is there? if not, you untie them, and maintain your honey sweet distance.


WARNING – do not cut them lose. this point has been elaborated more on – in the post preeceding this. trust me – sometimes as difficult it is to let go, it is a better and far worthy choice. you deserve to live in an environment of groups where there is growth, light and substance (yes- you are a plant). you do not want unwanted competition or unwanted fights or unwanted anything for that matter. why always shut yourself up, when you can try and move your legs the other way. get out of the blue zone(Pubg reference/yay!). my dad told me this once when i was crying recently ‘who are you crying for, for those people who are bound to hurt you’, ( whose behaviour quite obvious is synonymous to a traitor?) well. i hope you do, as you would do you, not like how they would decide to do you.

Until Next Time,

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6 thoughts on “dealing with people

      1. Yes. Of course! The way you have addressed the basic problem of “blame-game” is impressive. Some of the important points which you have made which i liked the most are:

        1. “do not devour on the fame / comments / likes. take it all in and just keep trying. ”
        2. Discussion on imposing the points/values/customs by other persons.
        3. Sweet distance (You have given good advice of timing of maintaining sweet distance).
        4. I really liked this line.
        “why always shut yourself up, when you can try and move your legs the other way. get out of the blue zone(Pubg reference/yay!)”

        A very nice read indeed… Good work… πŸ™‚

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Thankyou so much for this indepth review. Made me smile – a big smile. πŸ™‚
        P.S. Do you mind if I post your comment on my instagram story?


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